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How to install wordpress on digital ocean is a big query for DO users.

Digital Ocean is cloud hosting provider.It’s listed in top VPS provider. VPS stands for virtual private server. It’s similar to a small computer, where can do anything. We can install WordPress in VPS, run an e-Commerce site etc.


install wordpress on vps like digital ocean in 5 minutes



If you are new to Digital Ocean, then I am quite sure that you will face problem in installing WordPress. Installing WordPress on a VPS is not same in shared hosting.But after reading this ultimate guide you can install WordPress on digital ocean within 5 minutes.

Before starting, let’s know few features of digital ocean.

  1. Digital Ocean provides unmanaged VPS hosting.
  2. Digital Ocean provides SSD storage. Whereas shared hosting gives normal HDD storage. SSD is 300% faster than normal HDD.
  3. Digital Ocean starting plan is 5$/month. You will get the single core, 512 MB RAM, and 1 Tb SSD.

digital ocean account

Let’s come to the point. I this post I will be showing you to the easiest way to install WordPress in digital Ocean.


  1. Digital Ocean Account
  2. A domain Name
  3. ServerAvatar Account.

Let’s start our works.

Ultimate Guide To Install WordPress On Digital Ocean

1# Create A new Digital Ocean account

As you know that its very first step to accessing .Digital ocean . Simply go to this link and create a new account. It will take maximum 1 minute.

digital ocean new account

2# Create new droplet With Digital Ocean

After creating a new account we need to create a new droplet. When you will log into your digital ocean account, you will see an option to create a new droplet. Simply navigate this link.

How to create a new droplet on digital ocean

When you navigate create new droplet button, you will see like this. Follow these point while creating a new droplet.

how to create droplet in digitalocean

  1. Choose an Image/ Os : Digital Ocean provides six operating system/images. But we need to select Ubuntu. Now change the version of Ubuntu to 14.01.4*64. do droplet
  2.  Choose a size: Next, you will see the different plan. Select $5/month plan. You will get single core CPU,  20 GB SSD, and 512 MB RAM. It’s not recommended to select only this plan. You can choose other option too.
  3.  Add Black Storage : I don’t know its actual meaning. So neglect this option.
  4.  Choose DataCenter : After that, you have to select a data center. A Golden tip is that choose data center according to your visitors. If your traffic is from India then select Banglore.
  5.  Select  Additional Options : You can select these features too.
  6.  Last step: Here you need to enter your droplet name. You can add any name here. Simply add your blog name here. Now click create droplet option.

Congratulation, your droplet is ready now. You will get an email regard to this. In this mail, you will get server IP and root password too. We will need this information while adding a new server.

3#  Point Domain to Digital Ocean Droplet :

After creating a new droplet,we need to add our domain to this droplet. Because digital ocean does not provide this feature. For this navigate NETWORKING from the top.

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