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How to create dofollow backlinks?

Creating backlinks is not a rocket science but creating a quality dofollow backlink from an authority site is very hard for a newbie. Here you will get 40+ Free Dofollow Backlinks.

SEO is changing day by day, and Google updates are regularly rolling out. In this situation, we have to play safe with Link Building. This dofollow backlinks generator will help you in quick ranking.

I have added few more sites in this list

We always hear a term from all SEO expert that is if you want to rank in Google, you have to build quality backlinks. They tell us to create high PR backlinks Now Google PageRank is dead, so we are considering it as High DA backlinks. But they never share any genius method to build strong incoming links.

Link Building is one of the most critical parts of SEO. Backlinks are very necessary to rank and bank. Many SEO Experts spend their valuable time on backlinks. If you become the master in this field, you will be ahead from other SEO Guru for sure.

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In this post, I am going to share 25+ free do follow backlinks sites list. You can get free do follow links from these websites very quickly.

By doing a lot of research, I made a fresh list of high authority site list. We can get free dofollow backlinks from these websites within 10 minutes.

I am talking about the site like Microsoft, Google and scoop. And this list goes on.

If you handover to freelancing site like Fiverr then you will get people are charging $50 per link.

Well after reading this post you will get 25 free do follow backlinks.

What are backlinks?

An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website is known as backlink.These hyperlinks are used by search engine to crawl a site. These search engines crawl links of a particular page of your site and also crawl links of the whole website.

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But backlinks are of two types. This post is on the list of free do follow backlinks, and I am telling you types of backlinks. Sounding weird?

A lot of bloggers don’t know much about backlink that’s why I am sharing this basic info.

Types Of Backlinks

1. No Follow Backlinks.  A no-follow backlink is a link that does not pass any link juice, does not help in boost PageRank.

A simple  no-follow backlink is created by Nofollow link HTML tag, which looks like this:

<a href=  rel="nofollow">Blogging Rocket</a>
<a href=  rel="external nofollow">Blogging Rocket</a>

Here Nofollow tag is saying to don’t follow the links.

2. DoFollow Backlinks. These types of links pass link juice and help in influence in the ranking of a keyword. A link by default is the Dofollow type. It’s look like.

 <a href = rel="external">Rocket</a>

Do you know Role Of Backlinks?

  1. Its increase ranking of a keyword.
  2. It’s Help in Increase of DAdomain Authority
  3. It increases Pages AuthorityPA
  4. An increase in referral traffic.
  5. A natural backlink profile helps us to build a strong brand.

Before starting to use this list of backlinks, I would suggest you one thing. Dont create all these links in single day.


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Let me explain by an example.

Suppose there are two men named as A and B. As we know they need food to alive. Right?

Now man A eats food daily as per his need and in the limit. But man B don’t eat daily. He eats all food of week in once. Then he stops eating for a week. Is it right for his life?


Similarly, you have to create backlinks daily. If you create backlinks in bulk, your blog may be flagged as spam.

A collection of 40+ free dofollow backlinks

I use this list for all my event blog and getting positive results. You don’t need any hard work to get a link from these sites. Because I am sharing the complete process to create do follow links.


 Site Name Domain Authority Backlink Type


Microsoft 100
2 Google Plus 100
3 Storify 88
4 Youtube 99
5 Reddit 98
6 Copyrighted 52












WordPress Forum

















1# MicroSoft

Domain authority of Microsoft is 100. It’s a big authority site. What will happen if you create a free do follow backlink from Microsoft? Your ranking will increase positively. You have to follow these step to get a do follow link from Microsoft.

  • Follow this links and create new account. It will take only 30 seconds.
  • Now login and go to profile section.
  • In links section, Add you link with targeted anchor text.
  • Save.

Congrats, you have made a pr 10 backlink free.

2# Google Plus

Google Plus is a social site and owned by Google.We can get a backlink from Google plus by following these steps.

  • Login to Google Plus by using your Gmail Id.
  • Now create a new page for your blog.
  • You have to verify your page.
  • Add your link in url section and save.

You have created another dofollow backlink from google plus.

3# Storify

Storify is a high authority site. You can get a free do follow backlink from Storify within 2 minutes. Lets see

  • Open and create a new account.
  •  Sometime you have to follow 2, 3 categories.
  • Now go to profile section.
  • In website box, Enter your link and save.

That’s it.
One more link from PR eight site is ready.

4# Youtube

Youtube is a video sharing site. It’s DA is and you can get a free do follow backlink from youtube by following

  • Open Youtube and login by using your Google account.
  • Now create a new channel.
  •  Navigate Advance Channel Setting >> Associated Website.
  • Here add your blog link and verify.
  • Save.

You have created a high-quality backlink from youtube.

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