MalCare Review 2018 – The WordPress Hacking Security Plugin You Need

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Here is how I enabled MalCare cleaner to run on my hacked sites:

Step 1: After scanning, I was informed that my site was hacked. I navigated to the scanner section on the MalCare dashboard.

Malcare Showing Infected Files

Step 2: There, I selected the Auto Clean option and the cleaning process began.

And that’s about it! The process is straightforward and easy.

If you want to view the infected files, you can do the same from the Scanner section by simply clicking on Infected Files.

I liked the fact that this tool was thorough in removing malware. I didn’t experience a re-hack once MalCare cleaned my site. Also, only the files that were infected were removed without causing any damage to any of other files.

Website Hardening

This is another feature that is recommended along with the cleaner. While removing malware from the system is the right way to go, it is essential that you take measure to ensure that your site does not get hacked again.

There are three levels of site hardening measures offered by MalCare.


  • Block PHP Execution in Untrusted Folders
  • Change Database Prefix
  • Disable Files Editor


  • Block Plugin/Theme Installation


  • Reset all Passwords
  • Change Security Keys

Malcare Website Hardening score

Enabling them are easy and you need not have any technical knowledge for the purpose.

Changing Security Keys

MalCare changes the security keys into a much stronger set and saves it to a secure location. That’s help prevent hackers on various level.

Protection of Upload Folders

Hacks are sometimes caused due to the vulnerability in the PHP code from the upload folders. MalCare has taken preventive steps to ensure this issue is taken care of.

Disabling File Editor

Using the feature, I can disable the backend files on I website which will help prevent hacker making changes to your site.

The MalCare dashboard is provisioned in such a way that I can set up all the website hardening fixes in just a few clicks.

MalCare Firewall

If you are trying to protect your site, the WordPress firewall is an essential feature. It is automatically enabled when you install the plugin on your site.  

Malcare Firewall

The firewall uses the following methods to filter the traffic.

IP Blocking

This is where the requests that come from bad IPs are blocked. MalCare marks the harmful IP addresses and instantly blocks them from trying to enter your site.

Login Protection

Hackers often use bots to try and gain direct access to a site’s login page. They try to guess our credentials over and over again. How MalCare fixes it? The hackers are locked out after a few failed attempts! MalCare also deploys a CAPTCHA that cannot be solved by machines and bots.

From the Firewall section, you can get the following details – The IP Address, Country Status, Time, Method, Path Bypassed Users, Response Your Website Gave, etc.

Looking at all these details, I felt a lot safer. Here I can monitor who is viewing my site.

Website Management

A website management option provided by MalCare allows you to perform all sorts of functions while managing my multiple websites. Plugins and themes can be updated from here. With a click of a button, you can add or delete plugins with the help of website management.

Malcare Website Management Dashboard

You can also change the roles, passwords, add/remove users without having to travel to your WordPress site. With each of these features, MalCare only made my life easier.

Manage Malcare Users

Integrated Secure Backup

Another impressive functionality provided by MalCare is its powerful backup service. It lets you access your backups for up to 365 days. Having a backup for your site is essential because it comes handy when a website gets hacked.

Malcare Website Backup Integration

MalCare Support

When I decided to call the customer support to learn more about some of the features, they responded within 24 hours. They entertained all my queries with detailed responses. They seemed to be knowledgeable about all the features and workings of a security plugin. I was happy knowing that I won’t have trouble with the product as I could count on the support team to help me out.

My Experience with MalCare

I didn’t face any problem or any sort of failure while using the security service. As I tried to learn more about the product, I was only impressed more and more. They seem to be using the latest technologies. The Scanner uses AI technology to find malware that goes undetected in other security plugins. Once it finds the malware, the Auto Clean option thoroughly removed it in a few minutes. I really like the White-labeling feature that allows me to personalize MalCare by rebranding it to my own brand name. Detailed Client Reporting is pretty handy too.

I can opt for any level of security to keep my site safe from hackers thanks to the Website Hardening feature. I must say, they have done a comprehensive job of creating a security plugin that meets all the security needs of a WordPress site owner. From now on, I will use MalCare on all my sites and it’s worth every penny. You too can get MalCare protection for $8.25 per month.

Try MalCare now!

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MalCare Review 2018 – The WordPress Hacking Security Plugin You Need