Top 10 Blogging Tools That Will Get You More Traffic In 2018

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Whether you are a full time or part-time blogger, if you are in the realm of content you must have noticed that blogging has changed a lot.

The community of bloggers has grown to an unprecedented size. To make blogging a lot easier for beginners, there are many blogging tools on the offer. With such a vast amount of blogging tools available, it gets overwhelming for some bloggers to make a choice.

best blogging tools

This is why I have compiled this list of excellent plugins, software, and applications for bloggers to use in 2018. You will be amazed at how much these tools can improve organic SEO results of your blog irrespective of its size and age. Tools I have picked for this list are diverse and will help you with many blogging tasks like content curation and organization, SEO profiling and better analytics.

Improved SEO directly results in better SERP ranking that increases the revenue. You can always hire SEO services like SEOEaze to better optimize your blog but with these tools, you can get maximum return on your SEO investments.

Success in blogging entirely depends on understanding your readers and adapting your content strategy to accommodate their needs and creating engaging and compelling content.

Let’s get started with the tools you should try in 2018 to improve your blogging experience.

Best Blogging Tools in 2018

Analytics Tool

I am starting the list of best blogging tools to use in 2018 with analytics tools because user behavior analysis can make or break your blogging effort in 2018. This is why you will need these tools to ensure you target the audience with right content.

  1. MonsterInsights


Working with Google analytical tool at its core, this plugin will help you analyze your blog visitors breaking down their activities and helping you understand what they visit and interact on your website.

You get a load of features in this plugin like ad click tracking, Facebook article tracking, e-commerce tracking and more. The plugin is extremely easy to setup and helps you create the most relevant content for your blog.

Security and monitoring tools

WordPress websites make a total of over 23% of the entire internet. This makes this popular CMS prone to hacking attacks and spamming. This is why you need a failsafe security plugin for your blog to ensure its safety as well as protect the privacy of your visitors. This is why you need security and monitoring tools.

  1. Defender


One of the most popular WordPress security plugin, Defender improves the overall security of your blog multifold. It keeps a constant check on your blog code and immediately alerts you if any malevolent bug is detected.

Defender regularly scans files on your site, offers anti-hacking features like IP lockout and email notifications. The best feature of this plugin is the option to set up automatic regular scans.

  1. Sucuri


Another effective security plugin, Sucuri defends your blog from virus, malware and hacking attacks. It is a complete monitoring tool as well that can be used to keep a track on your website’s health. Another important feature of this plugin is the Blacklist Protection it offers. Additionally, if offers Site Speed improvement and Backup tools as well.

Social Media Management Tools

  1. Hootsuite


Bloggers need to have a social media presence. But with so many social media platforms it can be very time-consuming. HootSuite is an excellent social media management platform that allows bloggers to launch campaigns across all the social media accounts simultaneously.

It also helps you to stay updated with all the trending topics, generate social media analytics report and offers brand tracking. This tool makes social media management for bloggers infinitely easy.

Blog Social Media Sharing Tools

  1. Sharebang


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